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Paper Title -  Research on-Organizational Change Management

Author(s) - Dr. Sayel Sabha 


The issue of managing organizational change is of key importance     within management theory and practice. A number of cases have shown that    attempts to   'manage' organizational change frequently failed. Therefore the   objective of this   paper is to find why does   the   failure    almost    occur?    Additionally,      this   papers objective    is to provide   discussion    and   find reply   on the following   questions:    Which   specific   aspects   of change   are currently    impacting    most on practicing    managers?    How do they react to change?   How are they dealing   with them? And   how successful    are   their    attempts?     How   do the   problems     identified    and   solutions    described,     relate    to the theory   and   research    on organizational      change?    What   kind of organizations     are the most adopted    to changes?    The findings   suggest   that   most companies’     operational     strategies    and structures     reflect   past business    realities    making organizational inertia    one of the   most   significant     obstacles    to change.   However,    it is noted   that   leadership     and management                skills,   such   as visioning,    prioritizing,      planning,    providing    feedback    and   rewarding     success,   are   key factors   in any successful   change   initiative.   The paper   culminates    with conclusions,    implications     and suggestions    for further    research. 



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